Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Valentine's Day Bouquet

Here is a fun treat.  I used red-hots for one flower and red fruit snacks for the other.  The red/white candies in the tin are Dots that I had left over from Christmas.  (Gross, I know, but I wanted to finish this project before we left for NJ and I was out of time.)  I suggest filling the tin with lots and lots of these flowers-on-a-stick!  I gave up after only making two because not only did I run out of time, but because I also ran out of red candy.  Just imagine how festive this gift would look if it were overflowing with flowers of different heights and colors! 

First, I stamped two hearts from the Sweet Centers stamp set.  Next, I cut out the hearts and punched out the centers.  Then I filled the candy cups and used the large scallop circle from the Scallop Circle #2 Die as the backing of the candy cup and the actual flower.

I used the punched-out circles to cover where I attached the sticks on the back of the flowers:


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