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Saturday, August 28, 2010

Ribbon Rose Tutorial

Ribbon roses are very easy to make!  You can make them any size, large or small.  You can also use any size and type of ribbon. 

To make these roses, all you need is ribbon, scissors, and a very heavy-duty double-sided adhesive.  The best thing to use is either Stampin' Up!'s "Multipurpose Adhesive Sheets" or their "Jumbo Sticky Rounds."  (Note:  you can also use sticky strip or double-sided tape; however, if you use either of these two you must first adhere them to a piece of cardstock so that your roses have a supportive backing.  Just cut a piece of cardstock a little bit larger than the size of the rose you want to make, and then cover the cardstock in sticky strip or tape.  Then you will be ready to go!)

**  If you would like to order "Multipurpose Adhesive Sheets," click HERE, then click on SHOP NOW and enter Item #120805.  You get 12 sheets of 12" x 12" blank sticky sheets per package for $14.95 USD plus S/H.  You can also use the sheets with the Big Shot machine to create custom shapes.  Pretty Cool!

**  If you would like to order "Jumbo Sticky Rounds," click HERE, then click on SHOP NOW and enter Item #127852.  You get a package of 12 sticky rounds that measure 2-1/2" in diameter for $4.95 USD plus S/H.

Ok!  Now that you have your supplies, let's get started!

1)  If you're using the Multipurpose Adhesive Sheets, cut out a square a little bit bigger than the size of the rose you want

2)  Peel off the pink covering to expose the adhesive

3)  Stick one end of the ribbon onto the adhesive and begin twisting

4)  Keep twisting and adhering the ribbon while at the same time forming a circle

5)  Continue twisting and adhering until you make the rose the size you want

6)  Tuck and adhere the end of the ribbon underneath part of the rose

7)  Cut out the rose

8)  Peel off the back of the Multipurpose Adhesive Sheet and adhere the rose to your project

(If you use the cardstock method, all you need to do is apply the rose to your project with your regular adhesive)

Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Howdy, Folks! Guest-Room Pass-Along Frame

I adorned a basic frame with ribbon roses and embossed chipboard letters to make this guest room pass-along frame.  Display it in your guest room and then allow your guests to take it home with them to pass it along to their guests, and so on, and so on.

Come back tomorrow for the ribbon rose tutorial.