Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Make a Paper Purse: Tutorial

As promised, here is the purse tutorial from Template Tuesday. 

Step One: cut two of each pattern, and remember to score along the score lines  (Pattern:  purse.pdf)

Step Two: Punch holes in top and bottom of slits

Step Three: Cut out slits

Step Four:  Put Sticky Strip (Double-Sided Tape) on both sides of the handle bottoms

Step Five: Punch (or cut) ovals from the tops of the purse sides

Step Six: Don't forget to score along the score lines

Step Seven: Attach the handles to the inside of one of the purse sides

Step Eight: Attach the remaining purse side to the handles

Step Nine: To close purse, bring together both purse sides

Step Ten:  Put one purse handle over the top of the purse sides

Step Eleven:  Put the remaining purse handle over the purse sides

That's all!  I told you it was very, very easy!

I'm not finished with this purse yet...  come back Thursday to see more...   ;)

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