Thursday, February 18, 2016

Paper Cake Treat Boxes (Part I)

**UPDATED 02/18/2016**

The template now works!

Click HERE to download the three-page Paper Cake Treat Box Templates!

Original Post from June/2010:
This three-tier cake is made from paper.  Each tier is made up of eleven individual paper cake slices that are attached to each other.  The pieces come apart easily, so when the party is over, each guest gets to take a piece of cake home.

Fill each cake slice with candy or any other special treat.  You could even fill each slice with money, which would be a fun and new twist on a money tree.  (This would make a great end-of-year teacher gift...each child could make one or two slices and fill each slice with a special thank-you note.)

The cake makes a great centerpiece.  You can use an infinite amount of color combinations based on the occasion.  Imagine how beautiful the cake would look made out of white paper for a wedding!  Make it out of pink or blue for a baby shower.  Endless possibilities!


  1. Hello, beautiful cake. I have a few questions since my son and I are looking to make a 3 tier cake for him to take to preschool where no food is allowed. Did you use the same size boxes for the 3 tiers? If not where do I find the templates. Thank you. Sunny

  2. Hi Sunny! The template has been updated! You can access it at the top of the blog entry under "Updated." The cake has three different sizes. Share a picture of your finished cake!!

  3. Hello, can you tell me how many slices i get of three different sizes? Thank you.