Saturday, July 31, 2010

Make an Organizer from a Pocket Folder

While you are out shopping for school supplies, buy a bunch of two-pocket folders.  You know, the ones that are on sale this time of year for ten cents.  Buy lots of them in lots of different colors!  Look at what you can make!  (Although I made the folder shown here, the idea for this is not my original idea.  I found it online a few years ago and adapted the theme.  If it's yours, please send an email to so I can link to your blog.)

All you need to do is make two score lines, fold, and decorate.  There is already a score line down the center, so just add a score line down the middle of the front of the folder and another score line down the middle of the back of the folder (see black arrows on the photo below.)  Once you've made the score lines, fan-fold the folder as shown. 

Now all you have to do is decorate and label each section of the folder.  The folder I made is great for planning a party.  The different pockets keep everything organized.

Inside left, above.  Inside right, below.

Back view.

Now you try it!

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