Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Paper Cake Treat Boxes (Part 3): A New Design

I'm so happy that so many of you have found the Paper Cake Treat Boxes template and tutorial so helpful.  It's a great thing when a new creation is born, and I'm so excited that eWillow.com can help you in your creative endeavors by making your party planning a little easier. 

I'm happy to share with you another version of the paper cake.  It is a great item to make if you are hosting or attending a small luncheon.  It would make a great centerpiece or hostess gift.  You can fill each piece with delicious chocolate truffles.

For this cake, you will only need to use the template for the top layer of the cake (the smallest template.)

  • Click HERE for the template and tutorial.
  • Click HERE for photos of the three-layer cake.
  • If you have a Cricut machine with the ability to connect your machine to your computer, click HERE for the template. 
  • You will need to print 11 pieces of the top layer.

For the cake plate, I used the lid to a round paper mache box.  All I did was wrap strips of cardstock around the edge, cut a circle to cover the top, and added a scalloped trim.

For this cake, I didn't attach the pieces to each other like I did with the three-layer cake.  If you are transporting the cake, you could use a little piece of double-sided tape to make sure the cake pieces stay together, but if you aren't moving the cake, there really isn't any need to adhere the pieces to each other.

I die-cut a large scallop circle and then cut out a smaller circle to make a solid layer on the top of the cake.  I purchased a box of miniature plastic fruit over a year ago on clearance for under $2.  I knew that they would come in handy one day!

Now you make one! 

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