Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Bracelet Gift Box: Template

If you like to make jewelry and give your creations as gifts, I have a really easy and cool bracelet gift box you can make. 

For the template, click HERE

The template includes the gift box and the bracelet holder, complete with a guide for where to punch the holes.  You'll need some wire to attach the bracelet to the card, and a 1/16" hole punch or some type of paper-piercing tool.

(P.S.  Isn't the bracelet gorgeous?  My aunt made it for me for Christmas.  I keep trying to get her to make paper crafts, but I still haven't had any luck.)

Get started now making a bunch of these boxes, especially if you are planning on giving handmade bracelets as Christmas gifts.  If not, make a set and give them to your friends who make jewelry.  What a fun gift!

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