Friday, November 5, 2010

Cookie Exchange Baggies: Tutorial

It may seem a little early to start preparing for your annual Christmas cookie exchange, but it's not.  Get started now so you won't be too stressed.  The day will be here before you know it.

Although I use candy, you can easily fill the bags with cookies.  However, I've never met a cookie-lover who isn't also a chocolate-lover, so why not use candy instead?  If you use candy, you can complete the entire project now, thus eliminating all of the last-minute stress.

If you are set on using cookies, just cut all of the paper and ribbon so when your party rolls around, all you'll need to do is add the cookies and tie the ribbon. 

No matter what you decided to share, these bags will definitely make you the hit of the party!


Decorative paper

Paper cutter with scoring blade

Various punches and ribbons

Cello bags

Candy or cookies



1)  Depending on what width cello bags you use, you will need to cut the paper 1/2" wider than the width of the cello bags.  The length is 12" (no matter what width cello bags you use.)  For example, the cello bags I used are 4" wide, so I cut my decorative paper 4-1/2" x 12"

2)  Score the 12" side at 5" and 7" 

3)  Fold the decorative paper along the score lines and punch a decorative hole at the top

4)  Fill the cello bag with candy or cookies

5)  Fold up the decorative paper around the cello bag

6)  Indiscreetly staple the top of the cello bag to the decorative paper (you'll be covering the staples with ribbon, but the staples help to ensure stability)

7)  Punch a hole on either side of the staples

8)  Adorn with various ribbons

9)  Finish off with a cute tag

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