Monday, June 27, 2011

When Life Came & Smacked Me in the Head

I finally forced myself to re-enter the danger zone that is aka my craft room.  This is just one of the many piles of stuff that needed to be sorted.  (Just wait until you see what I have planned for that Hannah Montana box.  Ultra-cool project coming...)

It wasn't all bad, though.  I finally created a Sizzix die-cut station.

And I created a paper sewing station, too.  (Just wait until you see what you can do when you combine a sewing machine with paper.  You'll be addicted immediately.)  Isn't this mini sewing machine adorable?

I finally got to the bottom of the pile.  Then this hit me in the face:

At the bottom of the pile(s) I saw the words "February 2011" glaring at me.  Yes, it has been that long since my desk was clean.  I haven't been in the craft room since February.  February 2011 is a month and year that will always haunt me.  My gut ached and all of the emotion of that month came rushing back to me.  February 10, 2011 to be exact.  That's the day my husband went for his first routine colonoscopy.  That's the day he was diagnosed with colon cancer.  That's the day life smacked me in the head.  That's the day when all of the plans for were put on the back-burner.  That's the day when all of our priorities aligned. has taken a back-seat.  Doubling it's size and debuting it's web-based show will happen, but not right now.  Those things can wait.
I am slowly climbing back from being knocked down at the knees. My husband is undergoing chemo and will start radiation soon.  Our oldest daughter starts college at her dream school in two months.  Our baby will enter her sophomore year of high school with a perfect GPA.  As one of the characters in one of my favorite movies said, "Life finds a way..."  It certainly does.  And it has.  We were all smacked in the head, hit in the gut, and knocked down at the knees.  But we have gotten up, dusted ourselves off, and committed to fight.
And we will win.

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