Tuesday, August 16, 2011

A Craft Care Package for Your College Kid

One of the benefits of having pretty much every craft item known to man is the ease at which my girls (and heck, the entire neighborhood for that matter!) can count on me to have just the right thing they need when it comes to making projects for school.  Glue?  Check!  Punches?  Check!  Paper?  Check!  And on and on and on....

So of course, as our oldest daughter prepares to leave for her freshman year of college, I keep thinking to myself, "What if she needs a paper cutter at one in the morning?  What will she do?!"  As if that is going to happen, right?  Well, I can rest a little easier because I put a box of basic school supplies together for her.  You can do the same thing, too!  If your kids are still too young for this, put together a box anyway.  I'm sure you know someone who knows someone who is heading off to school.  It will be fun for you to make, and even more fun for the college kid when he/she needs a permanent marker to make a poster for a party and is too broke to buy one.  All of these items are so inexpensive to buy during this time of year.  Wait a month, and you will be shocked at how expensive they suddenly become; especially in college bookstores.

Some basic items for your college box can (and should!) include:

Permanent markers

Colored pencils

Regular markers



Paper cutter (because every piece of paper should be straight!  it looks so much more professional!)




I was going to leave the box plain white, but how could I possibly live with myself?  Go ahead and decorate your box to match the student's school theme!  They will love you even more...guaranteed!

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