Tuesday, September 6, 2011

75th Birthday Party for Twin Brothers

I am happy to report that I am putting the past two weeks behind me.  My husband is doing well!  Thanks again for all of your emails of well-wishes.

I am back working on a couple of upcoming projects.  The first is creating an invite for a 75th birthday party for twin brothers.  My dad and his twin brother will be celebrating their 75th birthday next month. 

Here is a sneak-peek of what I am going to use as the cover for the invitation.  Who doesn't love a chubby, smiling, baby?  And two chubby, smiling babies are even better, right?  Add some cute, old-fashioned, lace-up baby shoes to the mix, and you know these two must have grown up to be a charming pair...(oh, the stories they tell of their childhood shenanigans!)

Please share any ideas you have for games, decorations, and gift ideas!  The worldwide web has a plethora of ideas for kids' parties, but for a party for 75 year-old twin brothers, well....

My dad is on the left, and his twin brother, Tom, is on the right.  I think.

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