Thursday, December 22, 2011

Make a Christams Table Centerpiece: Template & Tutorial

Christmas is only three days away!  I'm sure you are all sitting around with nothing to do, right?  ;)  You have to take the time to whip up a few of these centerpieces!  They are so fun to make!  If you have glittery paper, it's even better; however, regular cardstock works fine, too.

front view:

side view:


1) Download the template HERE

2) Trace the templates onto cardstock as follows:

**cut two center stands and then glue them together (back-to-back so they turn out double-sided)

**cut eight 3" x 3-1/4" squares from a contrasting color and set aside

**cut two box/ribbon pieces and glue them together (back-to-back so they turn out double-sided)

**adhere four squares to each side of the box/ribbon piece

3)  Slide the center stand onto the box and you're DONE!  (I told you it was easy!!)

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