Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Girls' Night Out: Popcorn Box Template & Tutorial

Imagine making a bunch of these super-easy popcorn boxes, inviting some of your friends over, and sitting around watching movies or just chit-chatting the night away!


Popcorn Box Template found HERE

Two sheets of paper per box (either two 8 1/2" x 11" pieces, or two 12" pieces)


Scoring tool

Scissors or paper cutter

Ribbon and embellishments


1)  print template and cut out box pieces

2)  score boxes along score lines

3)  adhere the two box pieces together along the side tabs

4)  put the bottom together (you might want to add some tape to make sure the bottom is secure)

5)  add embellishments

It would be fun to add a personalized tag with the name of each of your guests.  That way everyone will know whose is whose.

Now YOU do it!  Make some fun popcorn boxes!

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