Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Quilling: An Update

Remember this entry about quilling?  I received a lovely blog comment today from one of our readers, Madalina.  (Isn't that a beautiful name?)  If you are a fan of quilling or want to learn more, I am going to share Madalina's response with all of you. 

Here is what the lovely Madalina had to say: 

Hi there. I don't know if you already found  your answer but I love quilling and I couldn't help myself not answering your questions. There are special tools for quilling out there. You can buy them at craftshops or on the Internet. I personally had to improvise since in my country this type of art isn't known. So I use a needle or a round toothpick if I want the center part to be a little wider. As for the glue. I prefer one that holds well, dries quickly and becomes clear after drying. I don.t know if there are some perfect glues out there. You just have to experience with different kinds until you find THE ONE. hehe. That's what I did. As for gluing your individual pieces or are your design together, I recommend putting a small amount of glue on a piece of scrap paper and then dipping a flat toothpick in it. Then you can just use the toothpick to spread the glue where you need it. I think these are the basics of quilling. Oh you also need strips of paper. Those you can buy . There are so many choices now you just have to find the colours you need . The most common width of paper to work with is 1/8”. I prefer to cut my own strips. This way I'm choosing the width of the paper depending on the project I want to make. You can also use a trimmer. I'm bad at giving advices but I hope I helped you a bit. Thanks and I have to say I love your site. It inspires me a lot.  I'm planning to make a Paper Cake Treat Boxes and decorate it with quilling.

Thanks again, Madalina!  Send us some photos of your quilling projects.  We want to see them and learn more about you, your quilling, and your country.

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