Thursday, July 9, 2009

Make a Mini Clipboard

Here's a fun mini clipboard gift idea.  It's so fun to make, but even more fun to share!  You can clip little love notes or a cute photo on it.  You can also attach a magnet to the back, stick it on the fridge, and put a "thought of the day" on it for everyone to see!

You can create the clipboard by recycling a piece of heavy cardboard.  You will also need:

1)  a corner-rounder
2)  decorative paper
3)  embellishments
4)  clips (from an office supply store)

What to do:

1)  Trace a mini clipboard onto a piece of cardboard.
2)  Cut out the tracing.
3)  Trace the clipboard onto the decorative paper.
4)  Have fun gluing and decorating your board!

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