Thursday, February 18, 2010

School Project: Paper Wallet

Erica (8th grade) had to do a project for her French class where she had to teach a lesson to the students while speaking French.  She taught her lesson on the Euro.  She printed out fake Euro bills and coins.  Of course I couldn't allow her to just carry in some paper money and talk about it, right?!  I had to make her a wallet to hold the loot...

Remember THIS gift card holder?

Well, I used it as my inspiration to draw a freehand larger wallet.  I attached the smaller gift card holder to the front as the change purse, and used the larger wallet for the bills.

I faux-stitched around the entire outside in the same color marker as the cardstock.

Take a closer look at the cardstock.  Can you tell that it looks like suede?  All I did was sand the cardstock to achieve the faux-suede look.

Pretty fun, huh?

Well, guess what?  Here is the pattern for you!  (walletthree.pdf)

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