Friday, February 19, 2010

St. Patrick's Day Scrapbook

Okay, I have been beating around the bush because I don't quite know how to say this.  I am just going to come out with it...I don't like making things for St. Patrick's Day!  Just the thought gives me hives!  Nothing at all against the holiday.  It's just the colors!  It is almost impossible for me to work with that "St. Patrick's Day" green color.  You know the one I mean?

I am going to try my best, just for you, to overcome my fear (because that's what it really is) and come up with some cute Pat's Day things.

Here is one I thought of, playing off of the "Luck of the Irish" theme of the day...

It's a little tag scrapbook, and it's meant for you to put some photos and some journaling about the lucky things in your life.

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