Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Upcycle a Binder into a Wedding Album

Wow! I just about dropped my glue gun when I heard Mitt Romney say "binders full of women" during the Presidential Debate last night.  Not because it sounded goofy, but because at the exact moment that he made that statement, I was putting the finishing touches on a project for a client.  She wanted me to cover binders with fabric for her granddaughter's wedding.  The large binder is for a memory book that the grandmother is going to fill with a history of the bride's life.  The small binder is a journal for the bride to write in on her honeymoon.

It was a project that I needed to make perfect.  As a result, I was so engrossed in making sure that every little nook and cranny was just right that I didn't take any photos for a tutorial.  I guess that means that I'll just have to make more!  Do any of you have binders full of women who might be qualified to help me?!

Isn't the bride gorgeous? 

Above is the memory book.  Below is the journal.

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