Thursday, July 11, 2013

Shadow Box Room Decor

You can view the other room d├ęcor items that I made for my daughter Erica's room HERE (giant paper rosette,) HERE (upcycled bulletin board,) and HERE (upcycled chalkboard.)

I purchased a bunch of shadow box frames several years ago from Target for $3.24.  (Does anyone ever buy stuff at Target that isn't on clearance?!)

This project was very easy to make.  I traced the "E" and cut it out, added some bling, and that's it. 

I am always amazed when I see all the things that can be made out of paper!

Speaking of Target, what is the best thing you have ever found at Target on clearance?  I have found too many things to count!  I think the most useful things have been hurricane-supply items.  A few years ago, when south Florida (where I live) was hit with two major hurricanes, we were so happy to have that metal contraption that lets you make toast on the grill!  :)

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