Monday, July 8, 2013

Upcycle a Bulletin Board with Paper Rosettes

My daughter Erica and I recently re-did her bedroom.  (You can see her upcycled chalkboard HERE.)  We found a plain bulletin board at TJ Maxx.  She had collected some postcards from IKEA when she was in the pre-planning stages of the room re-do.  We decided to put them on the bulletin board, but of course I couldn't stop there...

I decided to embellish the frame with paper rosettes. You can review the tutorial for the paper rosettes in my former blog post HERE.  The fabric flowers in the middle of the rosettes are actually embellishments that I removed from one of my favorite shirts.  The shirt accidentally got bleach stains on it and I couldn't justify throwing away the flowers.  I cut them off, and voila!  I stuck them to the inside of the rosettes with large push pins. 

I actually cut the rosettes in half to give the board a little more flair.

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